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Tracked service

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I don't recommend using a tracked postal service because it is expensive, usually not necessary and can take longer than the normal, standard, service.

I have posted a lot of these packages over the years and problems with the standard airmail service are extremely rare, although customs delays can make delivery longer than one would expect. I insure the shipment myself so you don't need to worry about it getting lost. All I ask is that you are patient and accept the delays when they occur, in my experience the packet always does get delivered if it correctly addressed, and that the standard service is in fact quicker and more reliable than using a tracked service. Sometimes when I have used a tracked service it has gone horribly wrong - see the next paragraph.

In December 2012 a customer in New York bought one of my straps with a sterling silver buckle as a Christmas present for his father. Because it was December and he wanted to give it as a gift he decided to use a "tracked and expedited" service. I posted it the next day. The package didn't arrive within the advertised three to five days shipping time so we both used the tracking information to see where it was. It had arrived in the mail handling centre at JFK airport in New York the day after I posted it in Cheshire, England. It remained there over Christmas, probably waiting for customs clearance. The US Postal Service eventually delivered the package to my customer at the end of February. No explanation was given and I can only assume that the use of a tracked and expedited service had drawn attention to it, which delayed it by over two months!

I use a high quality thermal wax transfer printer to print address labels that are clear and don't fade, or run if they get wet. In my experience, properly addressed packages always arrive eventually. Make sure your address details are correct, e.g. in your PayPal account, or let me know exactly where you want the package to go.

However, if you do want a tracked service, then this can be ordered using the PayPal buttons below:

Tracked Airmail

Tracked Airmail
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