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Custom Orders

Custom Orders

A problem with the press means that custom orders orders cannot currently be made.

Some non-stock items can be custom made, such as non-standard length straps or with gold coloured buckles. There are limits to what can be made, and please bear in mind that custom orders do take time to manufacture, but they usually cost no more than a stock strap of the same specification.

If a strap that you want is out of stock, you can place a pre-order so that as soon as the next batch is made, your order will be dispatched to you straight away.

Limits: Please bear in mind that it isn't possible to make just any design that you can think of. To cut out parts from leather skins, special tools called a press knives, shaped and hardened steel cutters, are needed for every part. For more detail about this and how my straps are made, see Cutter Limitations.

Time: The normal flow of work can't be interrupted to make just one strap, it has to be added to a batch of similar straps. Because of this, and to allow for holidays, unforeseen events, etc., allow up to three weeks for a custom strap to be manufactured, plus the usual postage time for delivery.

Cost: There is usually no extra charge for a custom made strap, they are the same price as the nearest similar stock strap. For example, a custom made Type B with a 14mm strap in one of the premium Italian leathers is the same price as a stock Type B with a 12mm strap in the same leather.

To these prices, one lot of postage and packaging must be added. UK First Class £2.15, Standard Airmail within Europe £3.95, Standard Airmail Outside Europe £5.00, except Australia, New Zealand, Singapore £5.30.

Designs with gold coloured base metal buckles are the same price as with standard silver coloured base metal buckles. If you are interested in 9 carat gold buckles, please inquire.

Before starting a custom order for a strap, please make sure you have read the relevant information at:

If you want to place a custom order, please email me with the following details:

For the wrist measurement, please keep thing simple and send me the actual measurement around your wrist, preferably in millimetres. The best way to measure this is to wrap a dressmaker's flexible tape measure around your wrist at the point you wear you watch and take a reading from this, or wrap a piece of string around your wrist and make a mark with a pen where it overlaps and then measure the distance between the two marks with a rule. Don't try to second guess me on this and give me a measurement that you think will work better. If you take a measurement from an existing strap it produces a different result - see Wrist Size for an explanation of why this is.

Once the details are established and I am confident that I can supply what you want, I will send you a PayPal invoice to place the order. You don't need a PayPal account to settle this, you can make the payment as a guest using a credit or debit card.

My email address is on the Contact Me page.

If you have any comments or questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch via my Contact Me page.

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